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Random Monday Goodness February 12, 2007

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A new life, a new love.  Barbara and Nathan welcomed their daughter Sanne to the world on Friday.  She is beautiful and has the most kissable toes.  Already her Mama adores her, and she’s wearing Daddy right out.

Best quote of the day from David Letterman:  “Everyone has a purpose in life. Perhaps yours is watching television.”  I think I know some people this applies to.

Has there ever been a more needed warning sign than this?

The image “https://i1.wp.com/farm1.static.flickr.com/133/387800203_dd55c2b720.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

This is the only reason that I miss having cable.  Luckily, my mother (who is becoming more and more liberal as she gets older), has taken to recording it, and we have been watching it over there on Sunday nights.  Sure beats the Home and Garden Channel.

I was listening to Drive105 the other day while I was running errands, and the DJ was talking about how the new intern asked him to hook her up with tickets to Nirvana. He was stunned – as I was – that someone that wanted to be in the radio scene was unaware that Kurt Cobain had been dead since 1994.

One of my favorite websites is Overheard in New York .  However, entries like this one make me fear that I will live to see Idiocracy yet in my lifetime:

15-year-old boy #1: So, like, I know they used whales for, like, their blubber and shit, but I thought there was something else they killed ’em for.
15-year-old boy #2: Dumbass. They kill whales for their tusks, everybody knows that!
15-year-old boy #1: Oh, right… But I thought that’s what elephants were for.
15-year-old boy #2: Nope. Their ears.
15-year-old boy #1, baffled: Their ears?!
15-year-old boy #2: Yep, my dad goes down to the bakery every Sunday and gets an elephant ear and a coffee. I swear.
15-year-old boy #1: That’s some fucked-up shit!
–Faye’s Starbucks
Overheard by: Stop elephant cruelty! Save the elephant ears!

And if that didn’t make me fear enough, this just might. Wait, those are the Brits!  Damn it, I thought they were smarter than us…

The AP reports that there is no plan to replace the American dollar bill with a coin .  Good.  My purse is heavy enough.


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