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The P Meme (It’s not about urine…I promise!) February 8, 2007

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This may shock you.  I like to read.

Ok, that’s not shocking at all.  As a result of my love for the printed word, I have been reading the blog I Buy Books and today she posted an alphabet meme, and said that if someone posted a comment, she’d give a letter.  My letter is P.  Here you go…

Here are 10 things that I like that begin with the letter P.

Although I don’t like pizza nearly as much as this guy, it’s still a fine, fine meal.  Put some pepperoni on it, and we’re cooking with gas.  As of late, I have become somewhat intolerant of pizza out (unless we are talking about Pizza Luce , of course), but I make a fantastic homemade pie of my own.  It’s greasy, and involves a couple pounds of cheese, so you know it’s good.

If I could be said to have an obsession, it’s bags.  Specifically, the Purse.  I am forever on the quest for the Perfect Purse.  And those requirements can change almost daily.  I’m not that picky about shoes, I don’t much care about what I wear, and I picked out my last pair of glasses in about five minutes.  But it will take me weeks -nay, months – to find the perfect purse.  I will be happy for a couple weeks with it, and then The Quest will start again.

What can I say?  It goes on everything.  Except pizza.  And maybe purses.

Yep, I’m a knitter.  While technically I guess I prefer the knit stitch to the purl stitch, I like the looks of the purl one better.  And I just plain old like to knit.

I have to say that when the new ones go up on Sunday night is the most interesting moment of my week.  They are so creative…so heartbreaking…so inspiring…it’s just amazing what goes on in someone else’s life.

Personal Responsibility
And I’d like it a lot more.  This probably came to mind because of my last caller.  I asked him to send some paperwork in.  He didn’t know where to send it, so instead of asking for our address (which is what I assume most people would do), he asked me to send him an envelope so he wouldn’t need to go through the bother of writing anything down.  Excuse the hell out of me?  I’d like to say that this kind of scenario is infrequent, but you wouldn’t believe the kind of maneuvers that people will go through to get out of the slightest bit of work, or taking care of their own business.  It’s sickening.

They’re lovely.  Too small for the amount of shit that I go through on a daily basis, but I don’t turn them down.

I’m off the Coke again, but man, do I love it.  And not that diet crap, either.  Give me the full on sugar goodness.

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Even though Kieran has been pretty evil (evilE, even) lately (he chewed up my glasses!), he’s still cute and cuddley.  And they both shed like a mofo.

Presents, Kyle.  Presents.

Following the lead of I Buy Books, if you leave me a comment, I’ll give you your very own letter!


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