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The First Lines MEME December 12, 2006

Filed under: memememe — Diana @ 10:05 am

From Christy ….Post the first line of the first post for each month for this year.


So, so much better than the same old…..(found this on Barb’s website…she has the coolest stuff!)



Look.  I know that there are worse things that can happen.



Sara has a new blog…check her out!



Meet Jenny.



My back still hurts like a mofo.



So, I have not blogged much of anything lately, and I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about it.



Ah, yes.  You can’t beat working the day between a weekend and a holiday for quailty Blogthings time…



I have received an invitation to start a Gmail account, and as it seems to have nifty features, I think I will do so.



(Got this from my friend Julie, who got it from her friend Britney….)



(My first entry was a picture that is no longer showing up….so here’s the second one):

Check us out here!!



Apparently, FOX has a show called “House” about a doctor of some variety.



I’m not sure I liked the results of this one: one of the other categories was obsessive-compulsive reader, and I think that one was more accurate….


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