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The 80s Meme December 12, 2006

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80s Questions:


Did you own a LightBrite?  Of course!  I think I still might have it at my parents’….


Play with a Strawberry Short Cake doll?  I had one, but I’m not sure I played with her much.  I liked the cat much better.  I still have the cat, too.


Played with GI-Joe doll?  No.


Had a He-Man or She-Ra toy?  No


Owned a Slinky?  Hellz, yes.  I LOVE Slinkys!  I have a whole collection of them!


Had a Jem doll?  A what now?


What about a Cabbage Patch Kid?  Three of ‘em….still have them, too.  Am I seeing a theme here?


Owned a Big Wheel?  No, but I always wanted one.  We lived in apartments when I was of Big Wheel age, and I never had any outside toys.


Traded Garbage Pail Kids?  No, but I was a fan of the candy.


Had a Popple?  Uh….what’s a Popple?


Had a Pound Puppy?  Yeah.  From my friend Jessica for my birthday.  Pretty sure I have that still, too.



Did you watch the following cartoons?

Thundercat – No

Jem – No

GI Joe – No

Rainbow Brite – Hell, no

Care Bears – I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that

He-Man or She-Ra – No

Fraggle Rock – Not a cartoon, but yes.  I loved Fraggle Rock

Shirt Tales – No

Jabber Jaw – No

Smurfs – La la la la la la

Transformers – No

Mighty Mouse – No

The Littles – Uh, I read the books…..



Did you watch….

A-Team – No

Charles in Charge – No

Full House – Not voluntarily, but my sisters were way into it when it was in reruns

Dukes of Hazzard – Hellz yes! 

Cosby Show – Yeah, the whole family watched that one.

Hee-Haw – No

Miami Vice – No

Knight Rider – No

Punky Brewster – No

Pee-Wee’s Play House – No, but I saw the movie

Saved by the Bell – No

Silver Spoons – No

Just the  Ten of Us – Maybe?

Cheers – No, and I still wouldn’t.  That show annoys the crap out of me.

Dallas – Yeah, my parents loved it.  They still watch it in reruns.

Love Boat – When I was at my grandparents’

Incredible Hulk – Yeah.  He’s cool.



Styles of the 80s….

Did you have big bangs?  Oh, yeah.

A mullet?  No, but I had some serious perms

Like Michael Jackson’s music?  Never have, never will

Know the Golden Girls theme song?  Sadly, yes.

Wear Kangaroo sneakers?  No…what are those?

Own a pair of Guess Jeans?  Yes, handmedown from my friend Mary.

Like Ocean Pacific clothes? No

Wear Jordache jeans? No, but my aunt would get me one of the jean skirts every year.

Own anything LA Gear?  Yeah, sneakers. 

Watch MTV a lot?  No

Have a pair of high tops?  Well, yeah, I wasn’t a complete dork.

Have a Trapper Keeper?  Yeah! 

Own a Swatch watch?  WITH the plastic guard, thank you!

Did you love the 80s?  Sure.  I’ll never have hair like that again.


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