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Diana and Sarah: The NEW Paris and Britney?? November 27, 2006

Filed under: fun stuff — Diana @ 10:15 am

Paris & Britney’s Party-Packed Holiday Week

After seeing this article, Sarah and I got to wondering, which one of us is Paris, and which one of us is Britney?  We weren’t quite sure, so we had to make this handy checklist….

Bigger Boobs X X
Has lived in trailer X X X
Has married a man that wears a wife beater in public X X
Taller X X
Parents have money X X
Has slept with just about everything, but can’t hold a boyfriend X X
Has kids, same baby daddy X X
Help the newly single go out on the town X X X
Kicked his sorry ass to the curb X X X
Has vowed to never, ever wear matching leopard print outfits X X
Changes hair color more often than her shoes X X

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