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Best.Meme.Ever (from Sarah) November 2, 2006

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You’re stuck in a room for an hour with a chalkboard, what would you draw?
I can’t draw – except for the one stick figure that I mastered in junior high, so I’d probably make a list of some sort.  Right now, I’d make a list of what’s going on in the next month, and everything that I need to do to get ready for those events.  I might also make a list of what I’ve already bought for Christmas, who I need to buy for, and if I decide to do Christmas cards this year (not looking likely) who is going get them.  Since we are having an open house on Sunday, I might also make a list of all the things that need to be done before then, and promptly decide which of those I am too tired to do.  OH!  I might also make a list of all the things that I have always wanted to do in Chicago, since Sarah and I are going down there to see Barbara in a couple weeks (yay!) and then promptly decide which one of those Barbara and I will be too tired to do.  (Giggle)

Which is worse–an innocent person imprisoned or a guilty one set free?
Innocent person imprisoned.  Especially in this day and age – you would think that with all of our nifty technology we’d be able to prevent such a thing.

What song can you most relate to (give lyrics)?
Lately, I would have to say that I relate to The Song: Sandi Thom’s “I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker With Flowers In My Hair”:

Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
In ’77 and ’69 revolution was in the air
I was born too late into a world that doesn’t care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

When the head of state didn’t play guitar
Not everybody drove a car
When music really mattered and when radio was king
When accountants didn’t have control
And the media couldn’t buy your soul
And computers were still scary and we didn’t know everything

Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
In ’77 and ’69 revolution was in the air
I was born too late into a world that doesn’t care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

When pop stars still remained a myth
And ignorance could still be bliss
And when god saved the queen she turned a whiter shade of pale
My mom and dad were in their teens
And anarchy was still a dream
And the only way to stay in touch was a letter in the mail

Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
In ’77 and ’69 revolution was in the air
I was born too late into a world that doesn’t care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

When record shops were still on top
And vinyl was all that they stocked
And the super info highway was still drifting out in space
Kids were wearing hand me downs
And playing games meant kick arounds
And footballers still had long hair and dirt across their face

Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
In ’77 and ’69 revolution was in the air
I was born too late into a world that doesn’t care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

I was born too late into a world that doesn’t care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

Do you think sporks are the greatest invention? (You know–the half spoon, half fork)??
Uh, no.  Not even close.  They just make me laugh.

Who is more bad ass — AC Slater or Uncle Jesse?
Totally Uncle Jesse.  He can make those Duke boys behave.

Would you rather eat at the Peach Pit or the Max?
Say what?

Do you honestly believe trees are green?
According to Simon and Garfunkel, “The leaves that are green, turn to brown”.

Would you ever sacrifice everything for a friend?

Why are there religions?
To make people feel better about the fact that there is no real meaning in the world.

How do you feel about politics?
Ish.  Politics are for politicians.  Nuff said.

Do you think most people are disrespectful?
A year ago I would have said no.  However, having spent the last year working at my ass monkey job, I’m gonna have to go ahead and say yes.  However, I believe that most people are only disrespectful if they think they can get away with it.  If they think they are going to be called on it, or have negative consequences for their behaviour, they will act in a respectful way.  Put them on the phone with someone that they don’t understand is a functional human being, and they will be an ass 99% of the time.

Why can’t pigs fly?
Because then bacon wouldn’t taste as good.

How tempting are buttons?
Like buttons with sayings on them?  I like those.  Or buttons that you are not supposed to push?  Damn near irresistible.  Or buttons that are hard to button up?  Irritating.  Or buttons that don’t stay buttoned up when they are supposed to?  Those things go to the thrift store post haste, unless they are really comfortable, in which case you just put up with them.  Or buttons in the elevator with no one else in there?  They need to be pushed….

Do you walk up the escalator or go for a ride?
Depends how tired I am.

If the US had to sacrifice a state, which one would you vote for and why?
Gosh, so many options.  California has too many funny laws, and really likes to do things its own way; I think it might like to be its own country.  Then again, they make some nice wine and movies, and might start keeping those things to themselves, so we might need to placate them.  Florida seems to be a bunch of blithering idiots, and that’s where old people go to die, so we could probably do without them.  Iowa and Missouri don’t seem to be contributing to anything, but then we have a hole in the middle of the country, and travel would start to be a bitch.  It would become some sort of black hole right in the middle of things.  I personally hate Arizona, but others seem to be fond of it, and it did cure my pneumonia.  I’m gonna have to go with Florida.  No traveling issues, and nothing to gain by keeping it.

What do you think about California?
See above.  I liked Disneyland when I was a kid.  And I was born there, so I guess I have a bit of sentimental attachment to it….

Why is the sky blue?

Why is the Earth round?
To a first-order approximation the Earth is round.  This is due to gravity.  Gravity pulls with equal strength in all directions; therefore any variations from a spherical shape will lead to gravitational forces that bring the shape back into that of a sphere. 

This is without considering the rotation of the earth, however.  The rotation of the earth adds centrifugal effects, which cause the earth to bulge slightly at its equator and flatten slightly at its poles.  (This is like twirling a rock on the end of a string and then letting go–the rock flies away from the twirler.)  Because of these centrifugal effects, the distance from the center of the earth to the surface of the earth is about 0.33% shorter at the poles compared to the equator.

Do you think fish are cute?
It depends on the fish.  Now, fish like this:


Fish like this:


Fish like this:

 You are no longer my friend

How do you feel about bald people?
My grandpa went bald in  his teens.  Both of my dads are going bald.  I love them all very much.  I’m glad I’m not bald.

If Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones got into a fight, who would win?
Dude.  The Stones have so many drugs in them, they’ll never die.  They’d outlast Aerosmith any day.  I’m pretty sure Charlie Watts has been dead for a few years already.

Did you read Fear Street books?
The what now?

Name a movie villain that scared you as a kid?
Joan Crawford.  My mom showed me Mommie Dearest when I was about 7, and then turned to me at the


Do we all go a little mad sometimes?
Oh, yeah.  Sometimes more than a little.

Would you rather have an incurable disease that was not deadly, but painful, or would you rather have a painless disease where you only had so long left to live?
Let’s see…I already have the incurable disease that’s painful (although usually more uncomfortable than painful 80% of the time), so I think I’ll stick with that.  At least I don’t have tumors growing out of my ass or something.

What song do you wish you had written? Why?
See “Punk Rocker” above.

What is the most obscene thing you and your friends have ever done/yelled while in a car?
Gosh, that’s hard to pin down.  I’ve done a lot of flashing and fucking in cars.  I’ve also been known to have a foul mouth and make obscene gestures.

If you were murdered and they found the person who did it, would you want them to be executed?
Interestingly enough, recently my beloved and I had a conversation about execution and abortion and our positions on both.  We agree that, in general, some people just need to be killed.  This applies to the born and the unborn, and there are a variety of circumstances in which this is true.  In regards to my murderer, it would depend on the circumstances of my death.  If I was run over in a traffic accident in a non-malicious way, and the person was sorry, they probably don’t need to die for it.  If I was hunted down and shot in cold blood woth no remorse, the sucker can fry.  Or be shot, poisoned, anally raped till death by bleeding, whatever their chosen method is.

Who is your favorite cereal box character?

Also my favorite cereal.  I don’t eat cereal, cause I don’t like milk, but I’ll eat this right out of the box.

What was/is the name of your favorite stuffed animal?
Brown bear.  He was given to me on my first Christmas, and I don’t remember a time when he had fur and no holes.

Best Adam Sandler movie?
I love The Wedding SingerI remember when my hair was that big.

If your house is on fire and you can only grab ONE photograph, which photograph would it be and why?
Oh, gosh.  Since everything right now is packed or (say it with me) IN STORAGE, all my photographs are in one box in the closet.  I’ve been trying to get them all scanned so this isn’t an issue in the future – I am the keeper of the antique photos from my grandmother’s side of the family….my favorite is the one of my great-grandmother and her sisters in about 1912.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever done in Milwaukee?
Word.  I’ve done a lot of weird shit in Milwaukee.

Would you jump on a couch for Tom Cruise?
Only if it made him go away.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and you would be there for the rest of your life with a cd player and an endless amount of batteries, what three cd’s would you bring to listen to over and over again. They can’t be mix cd’s you made:
A cd player?  What kind of technologically impaired island have you sent me to?  Sheesh.

Are Trix soley for kids?
I dunno – I’ve never had them, and probably never will.

Which Disney character would you like to punch?
Most of them.  Overcommercialized bastards.

Name 3 of the 23 unique flavors that you can taste in Dr. Pepper.
Dr. Peppers has 23 unique flavors?  Really?  I knew it had prunes in it, but I can’t taste them.  All I know is I’d rather drink that then Pepsi.

Who is the best Saturday Night Live actor ever?
I’m probably going to be beaten for saying this, but I’ve never really watched Saturday Night Live.  My hatred for television runs deep.

If you could be reincarnated to be any animal, which animal would you be and why?
A hedgie.  They are cute and funny, and when they want to be left alone, the curl up into a ball and make funny noises.  And they don’t have opposable thumbs, so they can’t answer phones.

Admit a movie that you might get your ass kicked for saying that you love.
Shhhhh….I actually have a love of stupid movies.  But I think my all times favorite stupid movie is Dude, Where’s My Car?

Which celebrity would make the best vice president to Pedro?
As a good American, I know that Pedro can never be President, as he was not  born in this country, and is not over the age of 35.

Alex Trebek or Bob Barker?
Well, apparently Bob Barker is retiring, so not him for much longer.  I used to like Alex Trebek, but lately it seems he’s gotten such an attitude.  Dude, just because you read the answers doesn’t make you smart.  Get over yourself.
Who would win in a fight? Kevin Federline with brass knuckles or David Hasselhoff with numchucks?
Isn’t Kevin Federline that guy that’s married to Britney Spears?  I don’t normally advocate domestic violence, but I sometimes think that beating should start in the home.

You have one hour to live starting now…what is one thing you MUST do?   

Tell everyone I love them.  Consider yourself told. Unless I don’t love you.  In which case, stop reading this blog.  You know who you are.

A clear cloudless day-time sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light.  When we look towards the sun at sunset, we see red and orange colours because the blue light has been scattered out and away from the line of sight.


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