Di Has Stories…

(and they’re all true)

The email I sent today October 28, 2006

Filed under: bitching,work work work — Diana @ 11:22 am

Dear Stupid Money-Handler of Jebus-Based Organization:

I can’t believe that you just sent me such a stupid email, but considering the rest of your kind, I’m ot sure why I continue to be amazed at your idiocy.

Perhaps your organization should think twice about letting you dip your nasty little hands into the collection plate (or, long handled basket, as it seems that church-goers are far too lazy these days to actually pass a plate).

That being said, your (asinine) questions was about rates for lay employees.  You found information on the website, but couldn’t get it through your gray matter that the rates are the same whether you believe in Jebus or not.  Even a fucking heathen like me gets covered at those rates.

I don’t know why y’all persist in thinking that just because someone goes through three years of seminary, they get a break on their health insurance.  Lemme tell you, between the god-damned inpatient mental health, the drinking and the cost of covering all the children from all of your various marriages, these people cost us way more than anyone else.

In fact, believing in Jebus seems to be the number one health problem of most of our members. 

In conclusion, dumbass, take your little self back out to the website, with which you proclaim to be familiar, and use the cute little calculator to figure out the rates.  I’m sure as hell not gonna do it for you.

Love, Di


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