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My Honey’s Birthday October 24, 2006

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This weekend, I went out to Vienna, VA for my Honey’s birthday party.  (Giggle!)
I flew out Friday night, and of course we sat on the ground in Minneapolis, and then again at Dulles, so by the time I got off the plane, Barb had already called my cell phone to see where I was.  That night, we didn’t do much of anything, because we needed to get up early to get our party on the next day.
We woke up at the crack of dawn (nine) and had breakfast, went to Starbucks (Barb knows what it takes to get my ass moving) and to pick up the birthay balloons.  By the time we got home, Crash and Mushi were there and we decorated the house for the later part of the party.  We then went to get some Thai food (which I would love to have FedEx’d to me about once a week…it was fan.tas.tic), and to the local mall for the Build A Bear Workshop, where we made not bears, but rabbits and dogs and a giraffe….
Our lovely leader took us around the shop and showed us how to build bears…
10.23.2006 048
While we were all filing our animals, we got to sign the Autograph Bear for Barb…
10.23.2006 08510.23.2006 07910.23.2006 074
We had good times filling our animals.  We were instructed to cheer “Go, XXX” and then the filler danced around…
10.23.2006 06510.23.2006 05310.23.2006 03810.23.2006 02810.23.2006 01610.23.2006 008
And then we got a picture with all of us an our new “kids”…

Clockwise from the top left:  Lorna and Harvey, Barb with Jo and Felicia, Me and Harriet, Mushi and ??, Stef and Bailey, Connor and Speck, Laurie and Ruby.
We then went back to Barb and Andrew’s, and ate like hogs.  And played Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty…
10.23.2006 19310.23.2006 18710.23.2006 18010.23.2006 17310.23.2006 16810.23.2006 16310.23.2006 15510.23.2006 15010.23.2006 14310.23.2006 134
Crash won the “girly prize” for “his woman”, Mushi…
10.23.2006 204
She liked it….
10.23.2006 202
Crash felt victorious….

And then we ate cake….


Fun was had with party favors….



The next day, Barb and I went to a craft fair, where I said good bye to a lot of money…

  (That’s not me, but you get the idea)


And then we went home, where I finished Barb and Jo’s birthday present…



Barb decorated Duncan….


That was hard work, so we kicked back and watched some TV….


And then, I had to come home on Monday morning, and go back to work.  😦

Thanks, Honey and Honey’s Honey!!!


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