Di Has Stories…

(and they’re all true)

Chapter Three, Exercise Two (Part A) October 19, 2006

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The Job From Heaven:  Let your imagination run free, and give yourself the gift of designing the world’s most perfect job.  Create your own hours, your own activities, your most desirable environment.  Don’t limit yourself with reality or practicality…..Remember to include what, where, and with whom?



§         Working with intelligent, passionate people who are placed in a job that is suitable for their skills and interests

§         A supervisor that is there when I need him/her, and not there when I don’t

§         A leadership team that really values employees and shows them that they are valued

§         Non-political environment:  everyone works to get along, and as a team.  No backstabbing, sleeping with the boss, usurping of authority, etc.




§         Presenting information

§         Teaching/coaching on something important to the audience (participative)

§         Some paperwork/rote activity for days when I’m not “on”

§         Moderate travel, to somewhere cool

§         Assloads of money, excellent medical, time off and money for continued education




§         An office that I can go to as needed.  It would be in an old building, either an office building or converted house, with period furnishings and accessories, but with state of the art technology (phones, computers, etc).

§         But working at least half time in my…

§         Home office, which is a sunroom looking out over trees, with lots of bookshelves, a cozy chair, and an old table holding my computer and other stuff I am working on.  The computer works.  And has high speed.  An iPod dock that plays whatever I want, or is tuned to MPR.

§         Excellent coffee and healthy, high-protein snacks must always be at the ready.

§         Moderate travel to somewhere cool




§         Three to four days per week, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with liberal lunch and coffee breaks.




§         In jeans

§         With minimal phone interruptions

§         Customers that aren’t asshats

§         Flexible scheduling, and understanding client base for when I cannot do something due to health issues


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