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I hate October 16, 2006

Filed under: bitching — Diana @ 11:40 am

I dunno if I am having après PMS or what, but I am having a little hate fest here in my cube.  For your amusement, a list.


§         George W. Bush

§         Evangelical Christians

§         Any other religious nut that acts like an evangelical Christian

§         Republicans

§         (Yes, even the ones I am related to…it’s an election year)

§         People belonging to the religious persuasion for which I work (PBTTRPFWIW)

§         PBTTRPFWIW religious leaders

§         PBTTRPFWIW that work for their church

§         PBTTRPFWIW who can’t use a computer

§         PBTTRPFWIW who can’t do basic math

§         PBTTRPFWIW who laugh wildly at their ineptitude

§         PBTTRPFWIW that are assholes (99.9% of them)

§         People who are not buying our condo

§         The asshole that is going to buy the house that Jeff and I found yesterday, and agree on, because s/he will be able to buy it as they are not waiting for the buyer of our condo

§         Banks

§         Credit card companies

§         Walgreens

§         Purse and bag makers, for not making one I like

§         My uterus

§         Fat cells

§         Bad metabolisms

§         Necessity of sleep

§         Sitting at my fucking desk trying to look busy (which I am most certainly not) instead of being able to do something productive with my day

§         Craft stores that don’t have the bamboo needles that I like in the size I need for my current project, because now I have to knit like a motherfucker as I cannot take the needles I was able to buy on an airplane

§         Even though I will not be flying until Friday, I’m pretty sure I’ll be hating Northwest Airlines.

§         My job

§         That I can’t find another job

§         That I can’t figure out what to do with my life (besides read, knit, and drink) so that I have no good focus to look for another job

§         Looking for another job

§         That I am not rich

§         My bra.  It’s time for it to come off.

§         Money

§         Lack of time to do the things that I would like to get done (such as project I am not disclosing, and working on my What I Want To Be When I Grow Up exercises) because I am too busy sitting with my thumb up my ass at work

§         That computers are too fucking expensive.  And mine’s really old

§         Laundry

§         Forgetting to go get quarters so I can do laundry tonight

§         Our neighbor, Mr. Hacky McSnorey.

§         Asshole drivers

§         Most drivers, really

§         Wal-Mart

§         Big business in general

§         That there aren’t enough little businesses

§         That even the businesses that I thought were well run turned out to have a rotten, lying, stealing CEO, and now I won’t work there because of said asshattery.

§         Needing to work at all

§         That every American town now looks the same, and has the same stuff

§         The fast food industry

§         That having partaken in the fast food industry for lunch, I kinda want to hurl right in my garbage can

§         The stinky people on the bus, who will make my desire to hurl even stronger

§         Processed food

§         How expensive non-processed food is

§         That the green beans at the store looked bad, and we had to do frozen

§         Most 70’s music

§         Big bangs

§         Tapered jeans, which sadly are coming back

§         Not having had sex in what I consider to be too long

§         Being so tired I want to cry

§         Having so much to do right before I leave my beloved for a few days

§         That I’m not going to get to see my family in PA when I’m in that part of the country

§         That I get really, really good ideas and then don’t see them through

§         That I am going to forget to pick up my prescription this afternoon

§         People who lie

§         People who lie to me about something that I can easily prove that they are lying about

§         People who lie about shit that doesn’t even matter

§         How hot my office has been today.  I totally wore too many layers

§         Shoes, in general

§         Toes.  They’re gross

§         Health insurance, the need thereof

§         Health insurance, that I will need to fight over treatment in a few weeks.

§         Being out of PTO

§         Hating things

§         Being tired of hating things


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