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Three Weeks October 11, 2006

Filed under: being a sickie — Diana @ 11:47 am

I was in the hospital again last Friday. I suppose saying it like that makes it sound like I’m in the hospital all the time, but really, I hadn’t been in almost three years.  However, I woke up very early Friday morning, and my throat was swelling shut, so I thought that maybe a nice trip to an emergency room might be in order.

Jeff came home to get me, and took me to North Memorial on the recommendation of my doctor, who sends all of his puffy patients there.  I have to give props to the staff there…we walked in, and when they heard what was wrong, the ignored paperwork, got me into the ER, and started treating right away.  Go, North!

The first thing the ER doctor said to me was that he’d seen this before, and knew how to treat it.  I’d pulled out my How To Treat Me Manifesto, as I have *never* had a doctor know about my condition.  He did read it, and called my regular doctor, but started in on the correct treatment right away without going through all the other asshattery and ineffective treatments that are usually pushed at me.

(I also have to give props to my beloved.  He took me to the ER, did all the paperwork with the admittance people, and then came back in the room just in time to watch me throw up all over the floor from a “basal episode”.  He came over to my bed, and held my hand, and told me that I was cute.  What a fantastic guy.)

For the first time, I got a dose of fresh frozen plasma, which is intended to replace the protein that I don’t have/doesn’t work in me.  I started seeing results pretty quickly – the swelling went down, and nothing new started up.  I was moved to a regular bed upstairs, and released around 4 that afternoon.

The very best things about the fresh frozen plasma treatment?  It’s supposed to keep me relatively swell free for about three weeks.  So far, I had a little bit in my hands, but for the most part, I have had NO swelling since Friday.  Nothing.  It’s like it’s not even my body, and I am loving it!


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