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Love Graffiti October 11, 2006

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Jeff drives me to work in the mornings, and a few weeks ago we noticed some beautiful graffiti on one of the little buildings on Central, in NE.  It was kind of a stick bush with hearts all around it – a beautiful display of love, right in our neighborhood!  Last week some complete asshat defaced it, and it makes me sad everytime we drive by it now.

BUT, last night we were driving past the monk’s house (yes, we have at least one Buddist monk living in our neighborhood – the Wat Thai Center is on our corner), and saw this on the retaining wall outside the house:


A love person!!!  And it’s the same style as the other love graffiti, so I am thinking that we have a movement!!!   I just LOVE that this is how someone is choosing to express themselves, and I hope that our little love girl stays un-marred.

Just because I heart this sort of thing, this morning I did a Google search for love graffiti, and found a great site named….uh….Love Graffiti.  It’s pictures of people’s names that have been done in graffiti, and look what’s on the very first page:

I’m guessing it’s not me, but it makes me all warm and fuzzy anyway!

Some of the other great things I’ve found in my search today:

I know there is love graffiti

Kingston, London

(print image)

Found in Orlando, FL

A whole page of Love Graffiti!

Here are some articles on love graffiti, from CityNoise


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