Di Has Stories…

(and they’re all true)

Discussion: Feedback via comments requested October 10, 2006

Filed under: life in the city — Diana @ 11:51 am

Is there anyway to tell someone that they smell so bad that they can’t sit next to you on the bus?

Here’s the story:  I take the city bus home from work at night, and the other day this woman at next to me that REEKED.  Unlike many of my fine bus riding compatriots, this woman didn’t have the BO going on, it was the smoke.  That woman must smoke a carton a day, and it was terrible.  I literally gagged getting off the bus.

While it is a fairly busy bus, there were other seats available.  I generally try to make myself look hostile, so I get to sit alone, but it wasn’t working that day, and boy, was I sorry about that.

As this bus-taking is going to go on for the indefinite future, wanna give me some thoughts on how to keep the stinky people away?


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