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Warning: Not For the Faint of Heart. Or Those That Like People That Make Bombs. September 29, 2006

Filed under: uncategorized — Diana @ 12:00 pm

Dear Fucking Bomb People:


We all know that you are morons.

Anyone who would dedicate their lives to making bombs is obviously missing something from their mental and moral fiber.

Now, I am writing you a kick-ass training program, despite your best efforts to get me to either (a) stick my head in the oven or (b) reconsider my decision to not become a waitress, because frankly, even those fucking people that wave their coffee cups in the air aren’t as god damed annoying as you are.

Here’s the issue: You are all too stupid to understand what I’m writing. Yeah, I said it. So why don’t we cut through the bullshit? You admit you’re a bunch of asshats; I’ll write something that waters down the Myers-Briggs and makes everyone feel all warm and fuzzy about their “personal styles”; Which, even if they exist, are not allowed to flourish in your industrial complex hellhole.

Fuck off.

Love, She Who Cannot Be Named for Security Reasons


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