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Ode to My Toes September 19, 2006

Filed under: uncategorized — Diana @ 12:04 pm

Today, my poor toes, I wore real shoes. 

I feel dirty.

You see, today it is about 40 degrees out, and I was a bit chilly with my sandals yesterday, when it was almost 10 degrees warmer.  I thought that I’d pull out my brown clog thingies that I bought for just such an occasion, and wear them to work today. 

I’m sorry.

I know you are unhappy. 

You are unable to wiggle at will.  Your pretty red nails, although in need of a pedicure, did make my day a little brighter when I looked at them.  They made me think I might need something sparkly at my next pedicure to make up for the injustice of having you covered all day.

I don’t like the shoes any more than you do.

And, I have already gotten laughs from my coworkers, as those offending shoes are already off, and under my desk.

I can’t stand to make you unhappy.

But, I have to warn you:  the time is coming where I will have to wear boots.  Knee length, warm boots.  With socks.  The kind that I can just slide off when you tell me to.

So, my dear toes, I can slide my shoes off today, but there will come a day, very soon, where you and the shoes will need to make peace, and live in harmony throughout the winter.

But, when it gets to be a bit warmer, the sandals will come out, and you will once again  be shown off to the world.  Let’s hope for a short winter, shall we?


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