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An Update September 18, 2006

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Greetings, Friends and Loved Ones….

I realized lately that I have been a big slacker when it comes to keeping in touch with all of you.  I can make excuses if you want, but frankly, that’s really boring.  Yes, there has been lots going on…blah, blah, blah…but I value and love each one of you, and need to make more time for my important relationships.   Forgive the mass email format of this, but I’ll get you all up to date and we’ll go from there.

My friend Sarah and I made bracelets about a year ago that symbolize the different sections in our lives that need to have attention paid to them.  I’ve always liked that concept, even if I can’t wear the bracelets that often, so I’m gonna follow that format.


I’m fine, thanks!

It’s fall, which is one of my favorite seasons (I love the in-between), but it’s also a hard time for me, health wise.  My angioedema tends to act up in the fall, and then go back to “normal” sometime after Thanksgiving.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to that, but I can tell you that, what with all the other stuff going on, swelling more than usual is not my favorite activity.  Luckily, I have a job that is understanding, and a sweetie that’s all kinds of empathic, so it’s not that bad to deal with.  Fingers crossed that the clinical trials for the meds that I need will go forward, and that we’ll have approval in the next couple of years!!!


Work was driving me quite nuts….nuts enough that I was thinking about taking my stuff and walking out, and never looking back.  But I was having some angst about that….I mean, this job has treated me like a queen since I got here.  The people are nice, the pay is fine, and the benefits are pretty good.  What was getting me down was the JOB…it’s boring, it’s far below my abilities, and I was about to tell one of the stupid callers exactly what I thought of them.  (You know, you wouldn’t think that pastors would be as nasty as they are.  And the language!  I may swear like a sailor…but not to someone on the phone! At the church!)

Did I mention that I had the best work place ever?  I mentioned that I spent the weekends trying not to throw up at the thought of coming back here, and my supervisor got my phone calls cut down post haste.  I was taking an average of 40 calls per day…now it’s about 10.  Much more manageable, and I am liking just shuffling the paperwork for now.  It’s not going to keep me inspired for the rest of my life, but it will do for now.

The Board has also just finished it’s annual community giving campaign.  I was on the core team and several committees for that (boy, was that fun!) and we beat our goal of $68K by over $10K.  Yeah, baby!

In the meantime, I have decided that a structured office environment is not the thing for me.  I don’t want to jinx anything, but I have some thoughts of what I want to do, and Jeff is helping me research the options and feasibility of such options.  More to come on that if something comes of it…(did I also mention that I have the best sweetie ever?).

Friends and Family

Well, friends I am not going to answer, as they can all speak for themselves if they are so inclined.  Y’all know who you are! 

(Although, I have to say, there have been a rash of broken feet lately….everyone:  take your calcuium!!)

Family is actually pretty good….I am going to visit my dad and the rest of the family next month, on my way to VA for Barb’s birthday!  I haven’t seen anyone since March, so I am anxious for my visit.  The local fam is fine….Meredith has started her third year at the U (and was the third person I know this year to break her foot, last week), and Lauren is in her senior year in high school.  That officially makes me…old. 

And, since Jeff is soon to be family, I guess I have to mention that he is swell, too.  Did I mention yet that he’s the best sweetie ever??

Other projects

Holy crap, do we have other projects!

  • § We are putting Jeff’s condo on the market October 2. Send happy selling thoughts our way! There has been a lot of work that needed to be done…after all, it’s been a bachelor pad for the last five years, and it shows. We have all the painting done, and all new fixtures in the bathroom. We still have to do new light fixtures in the hallway and dining area, a new garbage disposal, hardware on the kitchen cabinets, and then empty out the closets so it looks like no one lives there. Oh, and clean the hell out of the whole place.


  • § Since we’re selling, that means we’re BUYING!!! We haven’t started heavy looking yet (Jeff says I’m not allowed to go to any more open houses without our realtor because I get too excited), but I am thinking that we will next week. Luckily for the “buying” side of our transactions, houses are sitting on the market, and coming down in price. We got pre-approved last week, so we are ready to go!!! We are looking in the St. Paul areas that I love (Crocus Hill, West End, Mac/Groveland/Hamline) but are willing to entertain SW Mpls. However, there is just about NOTHING there in our price range!
  • § Crafty goodness! I have been doing some work with the homeless down at Sharing and Caring Hands. Once a month, I take a group of co-workers down to serve breakfast at their kitchen. It’s been a very eye opening experience, and has led Jeff and I to discuss a lot about how we live, what is “necessary”, etc. One of the things that I have started doing as a result is knitting mittens. Huh? One of my friends here at work told me that last winter she and her husband were asked for her husband’s gloves…not money…by a man on the street. While I would like to give money to everyone that needs it, the truth is I don’t have it, and I don’t have enough to make a difference, and I don’t have enough for everyone. However, I have lots of yarn, and a commute, and a really easy mitten pattern. I’m going to carry around my completed work, and hand then to people that need them. Working right off Nicollet Mall, there are a lot of homeless people during the day. If anyone else is interested in joining me, drop a line, and I’ll send you the pattern (or feel free to find your own!).

Well, I’ve probably rambled on enough for now.  Sorry for the length.  Now that I am not on the phone all day, I’m more inclined to actually use it at night.  No asking stupid questions, though.

Remember, even though I may not call all that often, you are all in my heart.  I love each and every one of you, and am lucky to be able to call you friend.

Love, Di


Oh!  I forgot to tell you…although my old email addresses are still active, I am primarily using my new one:  inflatigirl@gmail.com.  Feel free!


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