Di Has Stories…

(and they’re all true)

Seriously. September 7, 2006

Filed under: bitching,my sweetie,work work work — Diana @ 1:01 pm


That is the word most out of my mouth the last few days.

Seriously.  I can’t believe the asshattery of our justice system.

Seriously.  I have never heard so much lying in so little time.

Seriously.  This country is fucked from one end to the other.

Seriously.  Some of the people that are trying to run the joint are idiots.

Seriously.  You called me to ask that question?

Seriously.  You think that you are exempted from reading what we send you?

Seriously.  How do these twatwaffles look sleep with themselves at night?

And, on a happier note:

Seriously.  I have the best.finance.ever.

Seriously.  I got a hella deal on a love seat at Savers last night, and now you can stay over.

Seriously.  The living room paint rocks.


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