Di Has Stories…

(and they’re all true)

So, my talking buddies at work are gone today. My regular email buddies are off doing other things. And I am here until 5, instead of my usual 4 p.m. What’s a bored girl to do? Quizzes, of course!! August 25, 2006

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Christy challenged her readers on this one, and we all know I’m a sucker for a meme….


Here are six random, perhaps previously unknown (?) things about your friend Di….


  1. I currently do not own a car, and I love it. Jeff has one, and I take the bus, so between the two, I drive very little these days. I find that the less I drive, the less patience I have for the whole thing. I’m sure that Sarah and Heather can attest to the new phraseology they learned the other night. (I will say, though, that I heart Jeff’s new car. And I know that, as we have merged money and life together and all, and because I am making payments on it, that it’s my car too, but HIS name is on the title, and HE paid the majority, and that makes ME feel a whole lot better about it.)
  2. I work in a fairly specialized industry, and I understand that not everyone knows as much as I do about their health insurance, etc. However, I am finding it more and more incredible that so many people know so little about how to be an adult in this world. They don’t understand the basics of their coverage…and DON’T WANT TO. They want to be babysat, and have everything to their way, and have everything be free. How can you be so oblivious to something that is so important? I fear for the future…these people are raising children with this entitlement mentality!


  1. I can wiggle my ears. My grandpa could, too, but he was cooler because he could wiggle his nose, too. My nose is good for nothing more than holding my glasses up – I can’t breathe through it, and I have a very limited sense of smell. I went to a surgeon to see if it can be fixed (it can’t) and was told that “people pay for your nose.” Well, I’m glad it’s cute, at least…!


  1. My favorite time of day is when my sweetie comes to wake me up. I am not a morning person, but that is worth getting up for.


  1. I have always been kind of grossed out by feet. Yours, mine, the guy on the street’s….they are all gross. But I have recently discovered the joy of pedicures, and have gotten to the point where they are not so ticklish that I kick the poor person doing them. I’m hooked, and my feet feel terrific…I’m no longer disgusted by them. I am now a Pedicure Evangelist… I’ll tell anyone, any where, any time, that they need to have it done. Oddly, I have also become more tolerant of other people’s feet.


  1. Almost two months ago, I moved in with my beloved, giving up my fantastic (although, falling down around me) apartment, and moving into his one bedroom, free of character 1973 condo.  I was dreading it…so small, none of my stuff there, and temporary, as we are selling it in October. To my surprise, I haven’t minded it AT ALL. Because all my stuff is in storage, I have way less cleaning to do, we are finding creative ways to spend out time (and yet have time to ourselves, which we both need), and my sweetie is great about picking up after himself, and doing dishes. It’s actually quite wonderful. (Not that I am not looking forward to getting our new house, though!)

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