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Who Am I? August 2, 2006

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I have received an invitation to start a Gmail account, and as it seems to have nifty features, I think I will do so. That, however, leads me to the problem of a handle.


For my regular email, I have been ducky_di for many years. This name originated when I was selling AFLAC, and I thought it was clever. I have not sold a lick of product for about four years, and in fact have disavowed the insurance industry as a whole, and the name has no meaning anymore.


So, what to call myself?


I sent an inquiry out to my crack team of girls to see if they had any suggestions. Some of what I got were:


  • Angry redhead (true)
  • You could do something with redheads.  Or something with hedgehogs.  Or being irish.
  • Is The_Incredible_Inflatable_Di too long?
  • How about the BFE? (From my sweetie…Best Fiancée Ever)


And the question was asked….what really defines YOU?


The answer is…I dunno.


I mean, I know who I am. I’m not on some big existential quest or anything (or maybe I am), but when I think of what defines me, some of it is transient. 



…is a red head (but not a real one)

…the oldest child

…a red-headed-stepchild (duh)





…blue eyed

…has a great smile (so I’ve been told)

…has an infectious giggle

…is a daughter

…is a sister

…is a friend

…is a fiancée

…is a friend

…is a co-worker

…is mama to two cats

…is crafty

…wants to travel the world

…has a boring ass job

…is disenchanted with corporate America

…loves to read

…hates TV

…cries at movies

…loves the color yellow

…loves her nieces and nephews, even though none of them are blood

…is not as thin as she wants to be

…doesn’t drink enough water in a day

…is a bit of a wuss about heat

…can’t wait to buy a house

…has a really weird medical condition



These things are ME, but they don’t DEFINE me. 


I could wimp out and do the name thing, but that will be changing in…(checks calendar)…282 days. And I don’t want to use the new name yet (it’s bad mojo). And something related to the HAE has been mentioned (pufferfish, puffy Di), but that is hopefully transient, if the meds that I need are approved by the FDA.  Redhead references are lovely, but I will not always be a redhead. Or a Minneapolis girl. Or a St. Paul girl. 


Oh, and to complicate things, gmail requires a minimum of six characters. And I hate the letter/number combo if it’s not integral to the name (like Diana1785153). 


Sarah came up with the PERFECT name…but it’s taken. Bastards.


So, what do you think? What should my name be?


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