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The Big Move June 26, 2006

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I finished moving this weekend. And by finished, I mean that everything is out of the Crapode, and either into storage or joining me at The Sweetie’s place. We are going back on Thursday to clean up, and leave the keys (due to the suckage of management, they are totally not getting the keys any earlier than that, although it seems as if she was hinting at it yesterday….no.way.)


For your amusement, some highlights:


Day The First

Friday afternoon I took a half day, and The Sweetie’s friend Rick came to help us out. The goal was to get the couch over to Jeff’s, and to take a run or two to storage. We got to my place, and the boys started working on getting the couch out. It would NOT go. No way, no how. We tried it every which way, we tried taking the door off (not happening), and it was stuck, stuck, stuck. The boys pulled it out from its latest stuck position, and put it back on the floor so we could look at it in amazement. I mean, the damn thing got IN there just fine….WTF?


While putzing with it again, it seemed as if the mechanism that worked the hide-a-bed had pulled out, and was shot. We could no longer close the couch up, which would have made for uncomfortable snuggling and movie viewing. “Screw it,” I said. “Cut the damn thing in half and get it out of here.”


So, that’s what we did. We rented a Sawz-All from Hiawatha Redy Rents, and Jeff sawed the damn thing up, and we threw it away. Pictures will be forthcoming!


If anyone knows of any deals on couches…..hook me up.


Day the Second

Saturday, Chez Haggerty came to help us out. Goal: the rest of the stuff into storage, and the remainder to Jeff’s.


Did I mention that I live on the third floor? And not the suburbs third floor…the city version, where the first floor is up a flight of stairs. Yep, old, 1924 narrow twisty stairs.


The boys hauled stuff downstairs while Sarah and Paige and I packed up. Paige likes to clean, and probably handled the broom more that day than I had in a few weeks. Seriously. AND she discovered the board on wheels thing that we were using to move big stuff….that thing just whips around the room with nothing in it!


The boys pooped out after everything was in storage, so we decided to make the final run to Jeff’s on…


Day the Third

Have I mentioned yet that Jeff was doing all of this on about two hours of sleep per day? He worked Thursday night,  slept for a couple hours, we moved all afternoon, he was up all night working on his place, we moved all day Saturday, went to dinner with his family, he slept for about three hours, and was up the rest of the night working on his place, and then we worked most of the day Sunday. The boy is crazy. (Oh, and he took a one hour nap Sunday evening, worked at home until 1:30 a.m., went to work, and is – hopefully – now at home asleep for the first time in days. I dunno about that.)


Anywho, John came back over at noon-ish, and we moved the rest of the stuff into the van, and got it to Jeff’s and moved it all in. I took a shower and returned the van to my parents. They fed me, Jeff came to pick me up, they fed him, and we went home.


We still hadn’t brought the kitties home, and since pets aren’t really allowed at the condo (we had to get a special dispensation from the Board, and had to promise to put the condo up for sale on October 1), Jeff wanted to bring them in the middle of then night. I took a little nap, and he woke me up at midnight to get the kitties.


Since there was nothing for them to hide behind (except the fridge – d’oh!) it was fairly easy to get them in the carriers and out the door. Once we got back to Jeff’s, they actually came right out of the carriers and started exploring. Excellent! That usually takes a day or two. They even started eating pretty quickly.


HOWEVER. They yowled like a mofo all night. Since they are no longer allowed in the bedroom (Jeff is allergic) and were in a whole new place, they weren’t terribly happy. And, since we were supposed to keep quiet about the whole we-have-cats-thing, and us getting to keep them is contingent on no complaints from the other residents, this worried me a bit. So, I got myself up, and went to sleep in the recliner in the living room. As you can imagine, that’s not terribly comfortable, and I got about two hours of sleep before Jeff woke me up to go to work.


All I have to say is: they better shut up tonight so I can get some bloody sleep. Seriously. And again, if anyone has any information on a couch….


In Conclusion

All our stuff is in one place, and tonight we start unpacking. Jeff has an idea to soundproof the door, so we’ll see how that works out, and start getting settled in. It’s weird…I’m used to spending lots of time there, and I’ve had enough stuff to last me a few days there for months, but it’s funny that I have no where else to go…this is really my home for the next few months. I don’t think it’s sunk in yet….


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