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Too Excited To Work! June 5, 2006

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Yesterday was The Sweetie’s birthday. He said earlier in the week that he wanted to go on a picnic. So, yesterday, I picked a picnic lunch (thank you Kowalski’s!) and we went to Harriet Island.


It was a beautiful day – a bit of a breeze, and just the right temperature. The tree that we picnicked under was near the building in the middle of the park. It looked like a company picnic was ramping up, and there was live music (not that great, and a lot of Springsteen, but it was still cool). We were eating and watching the kids play in one of those bouncy things (and I was wondering if I could get them to let me in too….).


After lunch and a brief lay-down (we were full) we went for a walk along the river. Part of the sidewalk was closed so at the portion before then, we were leaning on the rail and looking out at the boats and the view of downtown St. Paul. After we’d been there for a  few minutes, The Sweetie turned to me and asked, “Do you know what would make this the best birthday ever?”


“What’s that, sweetie?”


“If you’d marry me.”


And he pulled out the ring, and we both started crying.


I am the happiest and luckiest woman. Ever.


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