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Ten Years Ago Meme May 31, 2006

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How old were you?

1996:   Just turned 21

2006:   Just turned 31


Where did you work?

1996:   MSU Alumni Association Phone-A-Thon.

2006:   Religious organization with benefits and stuff


Where did you live?

1996:   Crawford D343 with Kristy

2006:   St. Paul, in the process to moving in with The Sweetie in Mpls.


How was your hair style?

1996:   Shoulder length, straight, bangs, had just become a redhead

2006:   Short, wavy, red


Did you wear contacts?

1996:   Yep

2006:   Nope (thanks, LASIK!)


Did you wear glasses?

1996:   Only when I didn’t have my contacts in

2006:   Yep, again


Who was your best friend?

1996:   Barb

2006:   Barb


Which of your pets were still alive?

1996:   Frank, the spider plant

2006:   Boris and Kieran (I think that Boris might have been alive in 1996, but he didn’t come into my life until a few years later…)


Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?

1996:   Nate (giggle)

2006:   The Sweetie, Jeff, with whom I will be living in sin later this month!


Who was your celebrity crush?

1996:   John Cusack

2006:   John Cusack…he just keeps getting better…



Who was your regular-person crush?

1996:   I was pretty into Nate….

2006:   My sweetie. Even if John Cusack did show up at my door, I’d stick with Jeff.


How many piercings did you have?

1996:   Seven – all ears

2006:   Six – all ears


How many tattoos did you have?

1996:   Got my first later that fall….

2006:   Three (Aries on my left hip, a cladagh on my right sholder, and a oogham on my right ankle)


What was your favorite band/singer?

        1996:  I had just discovered Chris & Johnny

 2006: Gotta love Dar Williams


Had you smoked a cigarette?

1996:   Nope

2006:   Yes, but I think it’s less than a pack per lifetime….


Had you gotten drunk?

              1996:   No, the first time I got drunk was later that fall, the night before the students

                           moved back into the dorms, and also the night of the Black Slinky episode.

              2006:   Uh. Yeah.


Looking back, are you where you thought you would be in 2006?

Probably not – 30 was still so very far away….I think that vaguely I though I’d have a ob and a house and stuff, but never really gave the whole thing a lot of concrete fault. I can tell you, though, that this is a great place to be!!





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