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Check out these fun sites! June 11, 2005

Filed under: books,fun stuff — Diana @ 8:43 pm

This week I have been reading ThinkYou’re The Only One? Oddball Groups Where Outsiders Fit In. Here are a few of the organizations who need to be highlighted:

The Church of the Subgenius: Founded by “Bob” in 1953 who believed that a Conspiricy of Normal Humans was out to repress the abnormalities of the nice weirdos of the world. He founded the Church to protect them from the ravages of mainstream society. Motto: Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.

The Church of Volkswagenism: Jason Gaudet, the High Priest of Volkswagenism, encourages others to experience the love of VW’s and revel in driving them. They have their own scriptures and saints. Motto: Volkwagenism: Followers Wanted.

The Interntional Association of Drunk Bastards: Basically, they drink. It brings a tear to my wee Irish eye. Motto: Bibere ergo sum (I drink, therefore I am).

The International Jewish Conspiracy (InJewCon): Paranoid anti-Semites continue to claim that there exists an international Jewish conspiracy, so someone decided that the best way to mock this idea was to create a public web site to share all of the conspiracy’s “secrets”. Mottos: From the People Who Brough You Banking. Community, Industry, Deli. Call Your Mother.

Join Me! (Or, the Karma Army): The brianchild of Danny Wallace, who put an ad in a London newspaper that said “Join Me” but he had no idea what for. As a result, he has now formed a cult who perform random acts of kindness, particularly on Fridays (Good Friday). Motto: It’s nice to be nice.

The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists (LFHCfS): When many people think of scientists, they think of a small balding man in a lab coat. The LFHCfS aims to remind the public that scientists come fabulously coiffed, too.

National Organization Taunting Safety and Fairness Everywhere (NOTSAFE): NOTSAFE believes that constant regulation errodes our freedom, and the best way to combat regulation is to ridicule it. Mottos: LIVELLAFOTOREHTSITNEMNREVOG. Protecting Everyone from Everything at Any Cost.

No Kidding! The International Social Club for Childless and Childfree Couples and Singles: I think that says it all.

The Paranormal and Ghost Society: Their mission is to seek truth, take photographs, and provide honest reports of paranormal activity.

Peep Researchers: A group which has done numerous scientific experiments on those little marshmallow birds, testing their responses to changes in pressure, temperature, and other external stimuli.

The Society for Basic Irreproductible Research: Mission: To perpetuate a resentment against hypocrisy, to encourage the abhorrence of self-aggrandizement, to deplore the arrogance of many peole, especially in government, to encourage people who call an outrageous exaggeration a lie, and to avoid circumlocution and all of it’s aspects.


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