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Holy Birthday, Batman! June 6, 2005

Filed under: crazy family — Diana @ 8:08 am

For those of you that are loyal followers of Moi, you will know that my 30th birthday was in April (you can see pictures of the party The Girls threw for me here – and thanks to Barb for being so darn web-savvy!). And you will know that I was kind of bummed/irritated/whatever that MY PARENTS did NOT get me a PRESENT!! WTF???

The Official Excuse was that I am too hard to buy for, and that I hadn’t given them any ideas. Whatever! I am a treasure trove of ideas, I love everything, I drop hints all the time, and when the going gets rough, the Di loves diamonds. C’mon! I’m 30!! That deserves something besides balloons!!!!

The parents have TOTALLY redeemed themselves.

This weekend, I was informed that they are taking my sisters and I to LONDON and PARIS in August!!!



One Response to “Holy Birthday, Batman!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Yah, I’m ridiculously jealous.
    John — hint, hint. I’ll be 30 in January, 2009, honey…

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