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The Perfect Day – Alice N. Persons May 13, 2005

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The Perfect Day

You wake with
no aches
in the arms
of your beloved
to the smell of fresh coffee
you eat a giant breakfast
with no thought
of carbs
there is time to read
with a purring cat on your lap
later you walk by the ocean
with your dog
on this cut crystal day
your favorite music and the sun
fill the house
a short delicious nap
under a fleece throw
comes later
and the phone doesn’t ring
at dusk you roast a chicken,
bake bread, make an exquisite
chocolate cake
for some friends
you’ve been missing
someone brings you an
unexpected present
and the wine is just right with the food
after a wonderful party
you sink into sleep
in a clean nightgown
in fresh sheets
your sweetheart doesn’t snore
and in your dreams
and old piece of sadness
lifts away


3 Responses to “The Perfect Day – Alice N. Persons”

  1. Bob Bell Says:

    Thanks for posting that poem – I heard Garrison Keeler read it one morning on the Readers’ Almanac, jotted it down so I could retrieve the poem and there I found it on your website!! I’ll share it with my love soon to celebrate our 23rd anniversary together as man and wife. Thanks, bobbell@tds.net

  2. aswespeak Says:

    I believe there is an error in the next-to-last line of “The Perfect Day” as it appears on your website.

    (Notwithstanding, it’s a wonderful website.)

  3. Thanks for your kind words about my poem. You’re right about the error – it should be “an old piece of sadness” – the mistake shows up all over the Net because it was on The Writer’s Almanac like that, and people pasted it in from there.
    Thanks for noticing !

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