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New Year’s Resolutions April 18, 2005

Filed under: my fat ass — Diana @ 12:43 pm

Ok, so it’s not officially New Year’s. Although I would like to point out that April did used to be the beginning of the New Year….It is a new year for me, as I am now 30 (!), and have a few things that I’d like to change at this point in my life.

(A) I’m fat. I can’t even pawn it all off on being big-boned. And I think I’m finally tired of it. I have posted my goals and plan on A Jiggle of Fat Chicks Lose Weight and have set my goal at 160. Frankly, I’ll be thrilled to get below 200 – it would be the first time since December, 2000. And to be able to buy cute clothes again? Heaven!

(B) I need to get my financial situation back on track. My debt is growing, and although I have taken positive first steps to get it under control, I’ve yet to follow up on that. And I’m finding that not having a safety net is a real problem – this paycheck alone I’ve had to find money for glasses, and to cremate Annie – and then I had to get Crunchy fixed, and owe a butt load in taxes (thanks, parents, for picking up those tabs). I lack discipline, and I need to figure out how to *make* myself by responsible.

That should be a good start…


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