Di Has Stories…

(and they’re all true)

2005…..Finally!!!! January 3, 2005

Filed under: bitching,le divorce,life in the city — Diana @ 3:52 pm

So, 2004 was the worst year of my entire life (ok, so it’s only been 29+ years….it was still a damn bad year!!). Let’s review:

  • My Grandpa died
  • Got fired from a job I hated (but at least it paid me….)
  • My husband, the child-molesting thief, left me
  • Temp job – auditing a pension fund.
  • Broke, broke, broke…all year….
  • Scabby’s medical emergency (adding to the broke problem)
  • My husband refuses to divorce me!!!
  • Finally, as my divorce becomes final, and it looks like everything is going to be good, find out that ex-psycho landlord, Brad, has put that I skipped on my renter’s report, rendering me unable to rent a new place….

So, as the last few minutes of 2004 slipped away, I felt relief. It was literally a physical relief – I stood taller, and along with my friends, began to dance. 2005 may not be the best year of my life (then again, who knows?) but I am so darn glad that 2004 is over, that I will continue to dance for the next 12 months.


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