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ode to the sensual side of congestion December 30, 2004

Filed under: being a sickie — Diana @ 1:29 pm

by sarah haggerty, the goddess of all things:

When she is under the weather,

a sultry temptress emerges

That deep, raspy, masculine voice

like a grandmother who smokes 3 packs a day

sends shivers down any man’s spine

And her lips

chapped and swollen from frequent encounters with a box of Kleenex

could you ever desire a more succulent pair of kissable rose petals?

Her face

as white as kindergarten paste

speckled with the crimson of fever

and the blood vessels that surface

after repeated coughing fits

reminds me of a fresh blanket of snow

covered by tiny red cardinals

picking away for their dinner

The lackluster of her eyes

blue tides washed away

in sleepless nights

and drowning in an overdose of Nyquil

They stare vacantly

and she’s naked and open as a clean blackboard

Her sweet aroma

stimulates every sense

the stinging of the metholatum

the pinch of eucalyptis

the fire of Robutussin

burns between us as we speak

She moves gracefully

like an old gray mare

too tired to fight her imprisionment any longer


very slowly

she glides

on a pillow of antihistamine

from work to lunch to work to home to her couch and her bed and her pillow

She’s a vision in the slumber of illness

her ruby lips parted

the consistent drone of congested breath

like a songbird on a busy spring morning

She splays herself fully on her resting spot

throws caution to the wind

and lets the cats lie where they may

Magnet of animal attraction

the sensual princess of head colds sleeps


One Response to “ode to the sensual side of congestion”

  1. Sarah Says:

    [blush] oh, to be crowned Goddess of All Things!

    (all sarah materials (c) 2004 SweetPeas LLC)

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