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Paranoia November 23, 2004

Filed under: adventures in dating — Diana @ 8:18 pm

One thing that I hate about myself: I get so excited about something, and then it doesn’t come to fruition (or just doesn’t go the way I thought it would), and then I am not only broken-hearted, but then angry at myself about being so excited in the first place, and setting myself up for a disappointment. So, knowing that about myself makes me question every friggin’ little thing so that I am NOT disappointed, and that leads to paranoia.

Damn me.

So, why the rant? Because I am currently in the state of paranoia about Andrew. To recap: first date a week ago Sunday. Fabulous time all last week – saw him four times. Spend the night on Saturday/Sunday at his house, after which he scraped my windows and told me it was “his job” (sigh). When I asked if I would talk to him later, he said “yes” in a way that made me think that I would.

Haven’t heard from him since. And have I called him? No, because I am worried that I have scared him off with a couple of questions that I asked him on Saturday (“Am I the only person you’re dating?” “Do you like me as much with my clothes on?”) and/or that I will be too forward and/or that he is going to tell me that he’s met someone else (like the last half dozen boys that I’ve liked have). Paranoia.

And is there a reasonable explanation for why I haven’t heard from him? Probably. Am I too scared to find out what it is? Yes. Am I an idiot? Very possibly.

Damn it. I hate, hate, hate having to date again.


One Response to “Paranoia”

  1. Sarah Says:


    life does sometimes suck. However, love yourself, have some courage and give him a call. You’re only eating yourself alive otherwise.

    Your advice-addled friend Shaggs.

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