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You’d think for $200 an hour…. November 21, 2004

Filed under: le divorce — Diana @ 8:55 am

For f**k’s sake. Two weeks ago, I made the appointment to visit FW’s lawyer to have the papers signed. I stipulated that I had to see them before I got to the office (check) and that he had been in to sign them before me (check). Went in, signed my ENTIRE name about 15 times (must remember not to keep all names ever had if I get married again!), cried a bit, and left.

The next morning, Friday, I get a call from Lori the Lawyer’s assistant, who informed me that they had forgotten to get me to sign one of the pages (“It must have stuck to one of the other ones!”) and I had to come back in, that day….or I’d have to appear in court on Monday afternoon. After some haggling, I did indeed go back in.

So, finally, everything is signed, sealed, and delivered to the court. I have given the County of Hennepin the best $247 I’ve ever spent, and I’ll be a Free Woman within a couple of weeks….stay tuned to this channel for updates. 🙂


One Response to “You’d think for $200 an hour….”

  1. Barb Says:

    Have these people not heard of Post-It (TM) flags? They even have handy-dandy ones that say “sign here”. I’d think they could spend a buck or two on a pack for that $200/hour….

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