Di Has Stories…

(and they’re all true)

Sigh….. November 21, 2004

Filed under: adventures in dating — Diana @ 9:05 am

Andrew. Sigh.

So, we went out on our first date last Sunday night (Olive Garden, Burnsville). I was not terribly interested in going, as he seemed a bit boring…real short emails, quick phone conversations….just wasn’t sure what to think of that.

But, it turns out that he’s actually just kind of a quiet guy (which I can deal with) and we had a good time at Olive Garden (of note: the waitress that was over 70 if she was a day – couldn’t carry her own tray – was of some fun to us). Invited him back Chez Di for a movie (he picked American Beauty – excellent choice), and he ended up spending the night. 🙂

Saw him again briefly Wednesday night, when I got back from Meeker County, and then again Friday night when he joined Sarah and I for dinner at my place (spaghetti – I thought it was a damn poor effort, but they liked it).

Last night, he decided to take off work (he’s a nursing assistant at Fairview Southdale (where I also used to work) because he and a friend got tickets to the Vikings game today, and he wanted to go tailgating. So, after Sara’s Tastefully Simple party (consultant: John Haggerty) and our jaunt to go see Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (excellently funny), I went to his abode and spent the night. Sigh. He’s amazing. And starting to open up a bit, which I am really, really liking. Cute. Great kisser (and other things). Funny. Sweet. Sigh.

This morning, there was frost on my windows, and he scraped them for me. I thanked him, and he replied with, “That’s my job.”

Aw. I think I’ll keep him around. Sigh.


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