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Preparations for a New Life November 14, 2004

Filed under: adventures in dating,le divorce,life in the city — Diana @ 3:09 pm

Yay! Only four days to go until the papers actually get signed! I talked to the lawyer on Friday, and found that I actually have to file the original paperwork that I filed out, and pay my $245 filing fee. Then, I sign on Thursday, and she’ll file on Friday (hopefully). According to her estimate, it will be final in three weeks – tops.

As such, the Great Apartment Hunt started yesterday. Sarah and I went and checked out some swell areas of St. Paul (in the Grand Avenue/St. Thomas/St. Katherine areas) and wrote down a bunch of possibilities. I called on some this morning, and so far the main problem seems to be the lack of a dining room (or a sizable dining room) in a lot of those places. With Grandma Hank’s massive furniture, I need somewhere to put it. I continue to be amazed at the low prices of rentals (yay!) – I called on a beautiful duplex yesterday that had two bedrooms and a basement family room type thing, and it was only $1,100 (but had been on the market so long, they were willing to haggle). It’s much more money and room than I want, but a FANTASTIC deal. Everything else has been below what I was hoping to pay, and far below what I would pay if need be.

I do have an appointment to look at a place tomorrow night, so we’ll see how that looks.

In dating news: I have decided that Andy is a bit too scarred to pursue at this time, but we remain friends, and talk a few times a week (mostly by email).

Nathan, the long haired bloke, has been a bit distant, and I’m not sure what’s up with him. Although he hasn’t called in a few days, I have been included in a couple of emails from him – one on the election and one to help advertise an upcoming show that he’s producing (no desire to go and see someone who was once with Anthrax…). I don’t know about him. Nice, sexy (damn it, I am a child of the 80’s…I LOVE long hair!). We’ll see.

Have a date with Andrew the nurse tonight. Olive Garden in Burnsville. He’d better be more fun than he is on the phone. Shy, I can deal with. Boring needs to go away.


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