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I’m going to be divorced soon!! October 25, 2004

Filed under: le divorce — Diana @ 4:55 pm

Finally heard back from FW’s lawyer today – turns out she had been in South Africa. Cool, but no more vacations until I am divorced. She had finally reached FW about his last “offer” which neither of us could understand.

He has offered to take the entire 2003 tax liability (accepted) and will agree to cover me on his health insurance through the end of 2005, if I pay him the premiums (illegal, after we are legally divorced; plus, I again have my own health insurance – told her that he could cancel me as of 10/1/04). I told her that if he kicked in $400, cash, payable upon my receipt of the divorce papers, we would be all good. Yay!!!!

In order not to jinx things, I am not going to start calling on apartments until I have a final answer from the lawyer….but I have been looking around the abode to see what can go into storage…..


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