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The One Armed Man…. October 22, 2004

Filed under: adventures in dating — Diana @ 2:50 pm

…wanted only one thing from me….

So, this guy on Match.com (check out my cute self: screen name hippity_hoppie) winked at me a few days ago, and we were emailing back and forth for a couple of days. He mentioned in his profile, and in his emails to me, that he was born with only one arm, and wanted to make sure that I was fine with that (why woudn’t I be?) His emails were funny, and although I was concerned about a couple of things (lives with parents at the age of 30, for example….but at least it’s due to student status, and not having ever moved out), so we hooked up on Yahoo! messeger last night.

Things started very, very slow…he was watching the baseball game and not terribly engaged. But he started getting a little…spicy, and asked if I had ever had a “friend with benefits.” I replied that I had, and he asked if I wanted another one. Well, I’m not terribly sure about that, and said so (looking more for a long term thing right now…). He kept asking to come up to my abode last night (bear in mind, he lives an hour and a half away, and we started talking at about 9:30…on a school night. I know I’m getting older when I thought that was too late), and to pursuade me, he sent a picture of, well, you know. If he was trying to impress me, he failed. As did his proclamation that he had once gone for 50 (!) minutes (whatEVER). And we are not even going to go into his lackluster descriptions of what he wanted to do to me.

All in all, pretty happy that I didn’t take him up on his “offer.”

Although, in dating snafu news, I seem to have a date tomorrow with someone that I don’t really want to….when I said yes, I thought it was someone else. Damn the combination of bad memory and instant messanger which does not use real names!! Trying to find a way to get out of that one….Sarah suggested telling him that my husband and I are getting back together. That one might work….


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