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Key Questions (From the BBC) October 22, 2004

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Got this from Sarah, answered (below) and sent it on….

First Job?

Gert girl at Byerley’s – worked at the yogurt and ice cream counter. When Don still owned Byerley’s. Good god, I’m old.

Worst Job?

HR manager of the Cottage Grove Menard’s. I lasted a day.

Your favorite piece of clothing?

My big fuzzy gray sweat pants. Not sexy, but comfortable.

If your house was on fire, what three things would you save?

I am assuming that my animals are not things? Purse, planner, and dining room set (has all the family heirlooms and pictures in the cupboards).

Your epitaph?

I want to sleep awhile, awhile,

a minute, a century;

but all must know that I have not died.

-Federico Garcia Lora

Title of your autobiography?

Red-Headed Stepchild

Love or money?

Love. Duh.

Flared or straight?

Flared. Cause Sarah says so.

7-Up or Sprite?

I’d rather a Coke, but if forced, 7-Up.

High heels or flat shoes?

I have recently converted to heels. Amazon stature be damned!

Man Utd or Arsenal?

Man Utd, just because John will kick my arse otherwise.

Who do you share your birthday with?

William Wordsworth. Oh, and Russell Crowe! Mmmm….

Your favourite track?

Addy’s Tattoo by Megan Slankard. Subject to change without notice.

Your best blag?

I got a pretty sweet bag from some cosmetic company at a Chicago department store last fall….

Your ambition?

To be the very best Di I can possibly be.

Summer or winter?

Spring or fall.

Custard or ice cream?

Oh….shouldn’t have read this question before lunch…custard sounds good, because it’s so darn cold out.

Will or Gareth?


Early or late?

Late. I hate the morning!

What would you do if you were invisible?

Listen in and see what people really think of me.

Drug of choice?

I guess I’d have to go with caffeine. Although I am quite a fan of alcohol as well…

Biggest secret?

Well, it wouldn’t be a secret, then, would it?

Dogs or cats?


Kylie or J.Lo?

Certainly not.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

No man has ever gone through what you are about to go through. (My mother, on picking a gynecologist).

How would you change the world?

One voter at a time.

Favourite football team?

Yeah. The one with the cute guys. And the ball. That one.


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